EnSmart Power Introduces SmartESS for Commercial and Light Industrial Applications


EnSmart Power Introduces SmartESS for Commercial and Light Industrial Applications

EnSmart Power proudly introduces their latest C&I Energy Storage System, the SmartESS. The SmartESS is a turnkey solution with a fully integrated, pre-engineered package system that reduces installation time and ideally sized for commercial and light industrial projects.

Turn Key Solution with Built-in Microgrid Controls
Each SmartESS unit includes power converter, battery pack, HVAC, fire suppression, EMS and Microgrid controller. With embedded controller it is able to integrate with solar, genset, wind, micro-turbines, utility, or other distributed energy resources and helps to reduce electricity costs providing resiliency and maximizing return on investment. With AC and DC Coupling options, indoor and outdoor installation it is ideal peak shaving, frequency regulation, EV Charging, Solar + Storage, Micro-Grid, self Consumption Optimization

Modular design for easy expansion up to 10 units
SmartESS offers scalable energy storage capacity ranging anywhere from 100 kWh-200 kWh. Users can parallel up to 10 units together, expanding storage capacity to 2MWh. The outdoor IP protected, modular scalable solution allows for an easy expansion depending on energy and power requirements at either 208Vac or 480Vac. br>
Safest Battery Technology & Multi-level Battery Management
Smart ESS has an integrated, multi-level Battery Management System (BMS) that monitors, optimizes the battery system and using Tier 1 Lithium Iron Phosphate (LFP) chemistry for the highest level of safety and reliability. If you want to lower your energy bills for your company and sustain green energy don’t hesitate to contact We offer comprehensive solutions ( Solar Panels, Battery Storage Systems and Wind turbines) to practice easily your commercial energy storage strategy.

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