Critical Power

Power Quality products you can depend on for various critical applications from
Personal computers to IT, Medical, Telecom and Industrial Applications.

We offer a wide range of critical power products that includes AC and DC UPS, Voltage Stabilizers, Battery Chargers, Rectifiers, Frequency Converters and Isolation Transformers.


UPS Systems

With its expertise over 40 years of power protection, EnSmart Power offers a wide range of Line-interactive or Online, Single phase , Tower or Rack-mounted and Online Three phase UPS Power Supply systems with transformer or transformerless from 600VA up to 8MW.


Voltage Stabilisers

EnSmart Power offers single phase and three phase servo and static voltage stabilisers and regulators from 1kVA to 3000kVA as an ideal solution for situations where stable power is mandatory, especially for high end electronics. Based on high speed semiconductor (Thyristor) technology and all digital microprocessor control, Static Voltage Stabilisers continuously monitor the incoming supply.


DC Systems

EnSmart offers switch mode battery charging rectifiers and DC power supply systems with proven microprocessor-controlled thyristor technology to meet the requirements of all types of industrial applications.


Isolation Transformers


Frequency Converters

Ensmart offers Frequency Converters to convert power from one distribution standard to another and to control the speed and torque of AC motors. A battery system may be also incorporated within the DC circuit to improve the converter`s demand performance during input power outages.


Shore Power Converters

With EnSmart Power home battery storage system, get the most out of your solar
system ,be energy independent and save money, save planet.

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