Compact 3L Series



High Effiency
With 3 Level Inverter Technology Compact Series has one of the highest level energy efficiencies in the industry. It is designed to meet all basic Datacenter market requirements in a compact foot print. Thanks to high efficiency up to 96%: Less energy consumption to supply the loads. Reduced energy loss. Reduced electricity usage and air conditioning requirements. Reduction in operating cost of UPS.

Lowest Total Cost of Ownership
IGBT based power factor correction technology provides input power factor close to 1 (≥ 0,99). The high input power leads to reduced electricity pay-out, minimizes cable, switchboard, fuse and generator requirements, thus reducing investment cost. Low input current total harmonic distortion (THDi) less than 3% helps to avoid the disturbance and expensive harmonic filters.

Maximum Availability
Parallel configuration up to 4 units per redundancy (N+1) and power increase. Loop connection helps the UPS system to continue the operation when the connection cable is interrupted.

Programmable Charger Dual or Single Input Flexible Battery Quantity 30 to 50pcs Large Screen Option LBS, EPO, REPO FunctionsExternal battery cabinets for different sizes of batteries to provide extended runtimes. Isolation transformer option for galvanic isolation between input and output.

Key Features

Ups to 50% smaller than other units
Very light weight
Small foot print
Energy saving with 95,5% efficiency
Unity output power factor kW=kVA
Programmable charger up to 60A
Reduced MTTR
Common battery
Parallel up to 4 units or N+1
Dual or single input


How do I connect my Compact 3L UPS to a computer?

Monitor and manage your Compact 3L UPS with Management Software which allows you to remotely shutdown your connected devices, preventing data loss. Check out our answers for FAQ and find out how Compact 3L UPS software work.

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