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EnSmart Power produces Outdoor DC power cabinets which can provide
48V DC power for telecommunication equipments used for on-grid, off-grid
scenarios and provides turn key integrated hybrid green telecom energy
systems for remote areas with no-grid and aims to cut down carbon
emissions and operation costs.


DC Telecom Power

EnSmart Power’s outdoor 48VDC telecom power systems are designed specially for network base stations, wireless and fixed line applications. It protects telecom equipments against grid power interruptions and fluctuations and help telecom operators reduce operation costs and their carbon footprint.

Telecom Power Supply
Green Telecom Energy


Total Hybrid Telecom Energy

EnSmart Power’s total hybrid turnkey green solutions for telecom operators and combines Solar+Wind+ Energy Storage and supports the integration of Diesel Generator as back-up. Specially designed to supply more energy and less operating costs to critical telecom applications in remote areas with unstable or no grid and aim to cut down carbon emissions. Smart Telco uses renewable energy preferentially, and schedules DG, grid, and battery to reduce operation time of DG and reduce the OPEX of telecom sites.

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