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Any downtime/breakdowns, unstable voltage and frequencies can cause important damages and the whole industrial facility to be shut down as well as leading serious financial impacts.



Ensmart offers standard and custom Thyristor Rectifiers and Switch Mode Power Supplies to meet all reliability and functionality needs of electroplating, anodizing, electrolysis processes. Ensmart rectifiers feature a range of cooling (fresh air or water or oil cooling )and control options to meet the exact specifications that operation demands. Ensmart s products ensure years of maintenance-free operation and a long operating lifetime, with the comprehensive warranty in the metal industry.




Reliable power supply is crucial to ensure the continuous availability of power and safe operations for all types of manufacturing processes like consumer electronics, pharmaceutical, paper, printing, food & beverage, mining, automotive and many manufacturing industries. Ensmart provides rugged power solutions to meet sector requirements like ; customizable design to get the UPS adapted for various operating and environment conditions, Increased robustness for resisting mechanical stress, Easy integration into industrial networks, energy efficiency to optimize production and plant operations while achieving safety and sustainability goals.

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