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With its expertise over 40 years of power protection, EnSmart Power offers a wide range of Line-interactive or Online, Single phase , Tower or Rack-mounted and Online Three phase UPS Power Supply systems with transformer or transformerless from 600VA up to 8MW.

All Ensmart Power UPS power supplies are designed with advanced UPS technologies for highest energy efficiency and provide maximum reliability and uninterruptible power solution for various mission- critical applications from Home office to IT Server rooms, Data center , Medical, Telecom and Industrial Applications.

Please do not hesitate to contact us to help you to find the right UPS power solution for your home or business.

10 - 1000 kVA
True Three Level Rectifier and Inverter Technology.

10 - 800 kVA
IGBT PWM Rectifier & Inverter Technology.

10-15-20 kVA
3/3 3/1 1/1 Phase convertible RackMounted.

80 - 200 kVA
Built In Inverter Transformer for DC-AC Galvanic Protection.

20 - 150 kVA
Small Footprint Modular UPS Design for 19 inch Racks.

10 - 7200 kVA
High Performance, Modular 3-Phase Power Protection.

10 - 80 kVA
 3 Phase Power Protection for Small and Medium Data Center.

60 - 200 kVA
3-Phase Power Protection for Small and Medium Data Centers PF1.

1-3 kVA
Single Phase Power Protection For Entry Level IT Servers & Network.

6-10 kVA
Single Phase Power Protection For Small and Medium Businesses.

650 - 2000 VA
Ideal UPS for computers routers, modems, Game consoles and other electronics in home or small office..

10 - 800 kVA
Three Phase Industrial UPS with built in Transformer.

1-3 kVA
Rack and Tower Convertible UPS Suitable for rack cabinets.

6-10 kVA
Rack and Tower Convertible UPS Suitable for rack cabinets.

1 - 20 kVA
Online Double Conversion.
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