True Double Conversion Online Technology
Sine wave output and clean energy for computers and all sensitive equipments. Online UPS protects your equipments from all mains problems. Online UPS can operate with a wide voltage range so that battery power does not need to be used.

High Output Power Factor
Provides 25% more power at the output in comparison to standard 0.7 power factor UPS systems and supports more sensitive equipments.

Key Features

Input Power Factor Correction (PFC)
Wide Input Voltage Range (110~300V)
Generator compatible Cold-start capable
Short Circuit and Overload Protection
High Frequency and True Double-Conversion
Microprocessor Technology (CPU)
Intelligent battery management
Selectable Output Voltage via LCD
Output Bypass Settable via LCD
Power-On Self Test
User-replaceable hot swap batteries
Rack/Tower convertible Flash upgradeable firmware
Easy battery extension
Remote power management software
Network management cards
USB, RS232, DB9
Led status indicator
Versatile programmable LCD


How do I connect SmartPack RT UPS to a computer?

Monitor and manage your SmartPack RT UPS with Management Software which allows you to remotely shutdown your connected devices, preventing data loss. Check out our answers for FAQ and find out how SmartPack RT UPS software work.

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