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Energy Storage

To address the challenge of energy instability caused by unbalanced voltage generated by integration of renewable energy systems, Ensmart designs critical power electronics part of an ESS - power converter with multi grid support features as well as a full containerized BESS includes power conversion unit, batteries, BMS, energy management and other auxiliary components.


Energy Storage System

Ensmart Power offers fully integrated turnkey energy storage solution that are ready for connection to medium-or high-voltage grids and cover a power range of hundreds of megawatts. Ensmart Containerized ESS system is available with 400kW, 500kW, 600kW, 1000kW capacities housing to fully bunded ISO 20GP or 40HQ containers includes air conditioned separate converter and battery compartments.

Energy Storage System
EV Charging Infrastructure


EV Charging Infrastructure

Connecting Electric Vehicle (EV) Power Chargers to the Power Grid is a real world issue, in many locations there is simply not enough power available from a local substation, or there may not be a substation or direct connection to the Power Grid. Ensmart Power has complete solution with available Smart ESS-EV modules 30kW, 50kW , 100kW 150kW, 480kW to meet this demand which is completely independent from the Power Grid supply. As power requirements increase so too can the Ensmart SmartESS-EV system. Our systems are flexible, modular, stand alone and provide power at a lower cost than direct connection to grid.

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