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Online UPS assures total load protection against all possible mains quality problems. In this type of UPS also known as VFI Class UPS double conversion method is used.

The power is converted twice (AC to DC through a rectifier then DC to AC through an inverter) to provide high quality voltage, stable frequency and protection against power grid disturbances. If the mains power is lost, the load is powered exclusively by the battery. The internal bypass supplies the utilities in case of inverter output voltage anomalies.

The online UPS is ideal for the applications where electrical isolation is necessary and for the electronic equipments which are sensitive to power fluctuations.

EnSmart Power carries a wide range of such Online VFI UPS as Single phase and Three phase, Tower, Rackmount or Modular) that are catered to different customer’s needs..

Our Online UPS systems include leading UPS models such as Smart LV, Smart BX, Compact 3L, SmartPack and Smart XL XS Module UPS Systems.

10 - 1000 kVA
True Three Level Rectifier and Inverter Technology.

10 - 800 kVA
IGBT PWM Rectifier & Inverter Technology.

10-15-20 kVA
3/3 3/1 1/1 Phase convertible RackMounted.

80 - 200 kVA
Built In Inverter Transformer for DC-AC Galvanic Protection.

10 - 80 kVA
 3 Phase Power Protection for Small and Medium Data Center.

60 - 200 kVA
3-Phase Power Protection for Small and Medium Data Centers PF1.

1-3 kVA
Single Phase Power Protection For Entry Level IT Servers & Network.

6-10 kVA
Single Phase Power Protection For Small and Medium Businesses.

10 - 800 kVA
Three Phase Industrial UPS with built in Transformer.

1-3 kVA
Rack and Tower Convertible UPS Suitable for rack cabinets.

6-10 kVA
Rack and Tower Convertible UPS Suitable for rack cabinets.
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