Data Centers

Data Centers

10 - 1000 kVA
True Three Level Rectifier and Inverter Technology.

10 - 800 kVA
IGBT PWM Rectifier & Inverter Technology.

80 - 200 kVA
Built In Inverter Transformer for DC-AC Galvanic Protection.

10 - 7200 kVA
High Performance, Modular 3-Phase Power Protection.

10 - 80 kVA
 3 Phase Power Protection for Small and Medium Data Center.

60 - 200 kVA
3-Phase Power Protection for Small and Medium Data Centers PF1.

6-10 kVA
Single Phase Power Protection For Small and Medium Businesses.

6-10 kVA
Rack and Tower Convertible UPS Suitable for rack cabinets.
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