Smart Module XL



Smart Modular Design For High Density Data Centers
Smart Modular is a scalable, Smart Modular system designed to cost effectively provide high level availability for high density data centers and critical applications. True Online Double Conversion and advanced DSP control technology. Modular Architecture can scale power and runtime as demand grows or as higher levels of availability are required. Combines the modular design with the N+X parallel redundancy technology.The maximum capacity of a single cabinet is 520kVA. Cabinets can operate in parallel configuration to build a system of up to 2080kVA.

Scalable Modular Architecture
Scalable up to the highest active power rating available through two dimensional modularity: Vertical and Horizontal. Capacity of single power module is 10-15-20-25-30-40kVA The height of single hot swappable power module is 3U Standard 1.4m cabinet than can hold up to 5 power modules Standard 2m cabinet can hold up to 13 power modules The single UPS cabinet capacity can reach 520KVA and Ups cabinets can operate in parallel configuration to build a system of up to 2080kVA
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