EnSmart Supplies UPS Systems to the Armed Forces Hospital in Saudi Arabia

EnSmart Supplies UPS Systems to the Armed Forces Hospital in Saudi Arabia

EnSmart supplies UPS systems to the Armed Forces Hospital in Saudi Arabia ENSMART SUPPLIES UPS SYSTEMS TO THE ARMED FORCES HOSPITAL IN SAUDI ARABIA ensmart-supplies-ups-systems-to-the-armed-forces-hospital-in-saudi-arabia Armed Forces Directorate , Saudi Arabia operates 24 hospitals , these hospitals are located in all Saudi Arabian provinces, equipped with sophisticated medical equipment and provides highly specialized medical services.
With the vision of ensuring continuous development of healthcare in the Kingdom which includes a dedicated Health Sector Transformation Program, Armed Forces Hospitals implemented a project to improve and guarantee the electricity supply system of the essential data centers.
<>The critical nature of the day-to-day running of the hospitals requires reliable and trusted UPS systems.
EnSmart 's COMPACT 3L UPS system by virtue of its superior product performance beat many competitors and was specially selected by the hospitals.
EnSmart Power worked on the project alongside Target 4 Technology – they specialize in the Information Technology and Services.
Experienced Field Service Engineers installed and commissioned each UPS to the required standards and ensured the safe handover, including on-site training to the hospital estate management team.
Ashraf Mohamad, Business Development Manager, Target 4 Co., comments:
"Uninterruptible power supply and power quality is of vital importance in the Armed Military hospitals especially in the delivery of sensitive mission critical operations intolerant to interruptions. The transparent, open advice from EnSmart Power has enabled us to apply service practices and add value to the future arrangement by making substantial improvements based on technical competence and specialist engineering expertise. All stakeholders in the Armed Forced Hospitals utilising back up power systems will now benefit from this major improvement in service level value and quality that will secure equipment maintainability, increase uptime, improve reliability and sustain performance."
Meet All Basic DataCenter Power Requirements with EnSmart's Compact 3L 3 Phase solution

  • Up to 50% smaller than other units
  • Very light
  • Energy Saving with 95,5% efficiency
  • Unity output power factor kW=kVA
  • Programmable Charger Up to 60A
  • Reduced MTTR
  • Common battery
  • Parallel up to 4 units or N+1
  • Dual or Single input
  • Read More

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