Full Range of EnSmart Power Products Are Now Available in Bangladesh!

Full Range of EnSmart Power Products Are Now Available in Bangladesh!

Dhaka, Bangladesh is one of the largest and most rapidly growing cities in Asia, located in the great deltaic region of the Ganges and Brahmaputra rivers.
EnSmart Power, UK and Integra Technologies of Bangladesh are helping to meet the UPS (uninterrupted power supply) demands that have increased in many sectors, especially in banking, telecommunication, and manufacturing,as well as in datacenter infrastructure and solutions due to the vision of 'Digital Bangladesh'.
Our new partner, Integra Technologies Ltd. started its journey in1991 with a mission for a cost effective, cutting edge ICT products and solutions for a mission of Enterprise as well as support oriented services in the form of corporate specialist in supply chain management and Systems Integration operating in the fields of Telecom, Banking, Pharmaceuticals, News & Media, NGO and Corporate in Bangladesh.
Full range of EnSmart Power UPS systems are now available through ITL.
Call Integra via +88-029848830 or e-mail:
for your all Power requirements.

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