EnSmart ESS Completed Energy Storage System Installation Successfully in Kenya


EnSmart ESS Completed Energy Storage System Installation Successfully in Kenya

EnSmart Energy Storage Systems is proud to share the successful commissioning of our latest Energy Storage system in Kenya!

The EnSmart's Smart ESS 500 with multi grid capabilities is supplying backup power to the critical data center of National Kenya Power Generation company.
Smart ESS immediately reacts to power interruptions, providing sub-second frequency response , and stabilize the grid. Likewise ensure voltage stability , maintaining its level within the specified range.

The core control device of the system - EnSmart MSC Master Site Controller (Microgrid Controller) provides functions such as battery management, control protection, status monitoring, communication management, data exchange, data storage, remote operation and maintenance, environmental adjustment, fire-fighting control, communication I/O functional flexible and fast expansion.

EnSmart Smart ESS 500 integrated with :

 Power Conversion System (PCS): 250kW-1MW Bi-directional Power Converter.
 Battery: 5.7 kWh (1C) module, 8.1 kWh (0.5C) module, Safest LiFePO4 chemistry. Maximum up to 1MWh
 BMS: Intelligent 3-level Battery Management System.
 EMS: Energy Management System.
 MSC: Site Controller.
 20feet ESS Container designed with Fire Supression, AC system, Ventilation system, Lighting and power distribution system.

EnSmart's Smart ESS 500 is optimized for :

 Both on-grid and off-grid (island mode) applications
 Easy installation and maintenance.
 Various applications such as peak shaving, frequency regulation, EV Charging , Solar + Storage , Microgrid , Self Consumption

EnSmart Power can predict the days and times of highest energy consumption with impressive accuracy, help you successfully avoid power spikes and enable you to pay no more than necessary for your electricity bill.

If you want to lower your energy bills for your company and sustain green energy don’t hesitate to contact us at We offer comprehensive solutions ( Solar Panels, Battery Storage Systems and Wind turbines) to practice easily your energy storage strategies.

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