Back-up Power

Back-up Power

Your shield against power outages

Avoid downtime and massive economic losses

Backup power refers to any source of electricity that can be used when the main power grid goes out.To install a battery energy storage solution prevents harmful outages and contribute to the resilience and reliability of various sectors, ensuring continuity, data protection, and safety to face power interruptions or emergencies.

EnSmart Power provides energy storage systems for a clean, reliable of emergency back-up power and help users and businesses reduce their operating costs and avoid economic losses.

Your Benefits

Renewable energies integration: Battery storage systems as backup power can help easy integration and optimization of solar or wind power.

Prevents data loss and equipment damage: Backup power can bridge the gap during outages, safeguarding sensitive data and protecting equipment from sudden shutdowns. This is crucial for businesses, hospitals, data centers, and anyone with critical electronics.

Maintains safety and security: In emergencies, backup power can keep essential systems like lighting, security alarms, and medical equipment operational, ensuring safety and security for people and property.

Ensure a back-up power and run your equipments 7/24

Avoid Losses
Get protected against economical losses caused by downtimes.

Increase Resiliency
Facilitate renewable energies integration.

Non-Stop Power Supply
Uninterruptible power supply with less than 10ms switch time.

How it Works?

Energy is provided by the electric grid or alternative energy sources such as renewables and is stored in a battery storage system ready to be dispatched when power outage occurs to keep your equipment running.

Do You Need a Back-up Power System?

We are here to discuss the opportunities within your situation. Let’s talk about how you can ensure an uninterruptible power supply with Ensmart Power energy storage systems.


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