SmartGO Series



Innovative Appearance
Subverting the traditional design, inspired by our vast universe, the circular casing resembles the stars in the universe, with ring-shaped breathing lights, which is seem like space shuttle between the stars, providing users with new aesthetic experience.

User-Friendly Design
The soft annular breathing light equipped three colors: blue, red, and green to represent three charging status. Through human-machine interaction and intelligent light control, the brightness and color of the breathing light can be adjusted to show its high-level appearance, and intuitively show the charging status of the device. Keep your charging station cables clean and organized to further enhance your property.

High Charging Experience
Focuses on human machine conversation, Interstellar Using appropriate and concise language to make a shorter selection time, ensuring that the interface has elements that are easy to access, understand, and use to facilitate user operations. A breathing light as an indicator to visually show the operation status of the AC charger.
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