Smart Multigrid PCS


Wind Power Storage

Villages Without Electricity

Off-Grid Island

Nomadic Farm

Off-Grid Mine

PV Station + ESS

Optical Storage and Charging System


Safe And Reliable
Passed IEC/EN62109-1/-2, IEC/EN 62477-1, IEC/EN 61000-6-2, IEC/EN 61000-6-4, CGC certification test; More than 400MW application cases , "zero" safety accident.

Flexible Configuration
Support multiple sets of parallel use, covering wide power range of 30kW-3000kW; Compatible with LFP , lead-acid and other batteries.

Real Time Monitoring
Supports unattended operation , with an HMI digital display panel, which quickly judge the operating status and health of the equipment. Combined with cloud-based EMS, it can realize remote monitoring and management.
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