High Performance
Maximum efficiency 98%. Fully compliant with smart grid systems to import and export power inline with the voltage and frequency regulations, FFR and DFFR schemes required by utilities to support the grid. Boosted overload and short-circuit capability. Multi grid support functionality : Backup Power, Frequency Regulation, Voltage Support, Load Shifting, Demand Response (Peak Shaving)

High Reliability
Using high performance DSP, the system is more stable and effective. Excellent software control and detection algorithm ensure that the equipment fault can be found on time. AC/DC double power supply backup to ensure control system is always power on. Heat dissipation design of key components.

Compatible with all battery technologies Wide battery voltage range.Parallel redundancy for future growth. Highest level of power in one module.Reactive power and active power can be adjusted.Support black start , support multi - machine parallel function.Flexible communication mode , receive BMS instructions in real time.Small size, convenient for easy operation and maintenance.
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