Stable Voltage & Frequency
Clean, Full Sine-Wave Output at 400hHz Frequency And Voltage

Highly Flexible
Options Available for Nema and IP Enclosures and Controlls

Solid State Design
Small Footprint and Front Access for Easy Service

Key Features

State-of-the-art IGBT Technology with DSP Control
PWM Rectifier and Inverter
High Efficiency up to 96%
Maximum Power (PF 0,9 and PF 1 for kW=kVA)
Input-Output Galvanic Isolation
Version with Anti-Vibration
Mobile Version on Trolley
Additional Power Module 28VDC 200-400-600-800A (28VDC Auxiliary Output with its special connector to be implemented for Aircraft tests.)
Cost Efficient
Lower operating cost when compared to Motor Generators Green, produces less pollution Silent


Super Combo of GPU + 28V DC Power

The onboard electrical system of aircraft and helicopters, jets is a 28 VDC voltage. To prolong the lifetime of the battery or in case the battery is empty, an external 28 V Ground Power Unit is supplied with Smart FC400 – also called a 28V DC rectifier unit.


Why Use Smart FC 400hz in Airports?

Want to learn more about EnSmart 400 Hz Frequency Converter? Check out our product information below for technical specifications and read FAQ and find out why use 400Hz frequency converter and 28VDC ground power unit, where are 400 hz converters are used?

Check out our answers below for most frequently asked questions (FAQ) and find out how SmartPack RT UPS shutdown software work.

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