High Performance
Equipped with its new IGBT rectifier Smart BX series keeps your critical loads protected while its space-saving compact design and front access for maintenance successfully reduce mean time to repair (MTTR).

Lowest Total Cost of Ownership
IGBT based power factor correction technology provides input power factor close to 1 (≥ 0,99). The high input power leads to reduced electricity pay-out, minimizes cable, switchboard, fuse and generator requirements, thus reducing investment cost.

Maximum Availability
Parallel configuration up to 8 units per redundancy (N+1) and power increase. Loop connection helps the UPS system to continue the operation when the connection cable is inturrupted.

External battery cabinets for different sizes of batteries to provide extended runtimes.Different sizes of 10-40kVA cabinets for larger capacity of internal batteries when long autonomy times are required. 3/1 Phase version is available for 10-30kVA power ratings.
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