Frequently Asked Questions


What are Ground Power Unit types?

A Ground Power Unit (GPU) is a ground support equipment (GSE) power supply equipment that provides clean power for both maintenance and engine starting aircraft while they are parked on the hangar or runaway.

GPUs in aviation are crucial equipment as they deliver specified power through the use of a solid state, battery or diesel versions.

GPUs powered by diesel engines (are known Diesel GPU) to be the most portable ones. They require fuel and engine maintenance and costly and causes noise and emissions. Also the efficiency of a Diesel GPU (Motor Generator Sets ) is not high at normal level of loads , therefore the operation costs ae high.

On the other hand, electrical ground power units Solid-state frequency converters are much more silent than diesel GPU units, creating less pollution. They are more eco-friendly, highly efficient (up to 94%) and a green choice.

EnSmart Power supplies 400 Hz AC GPUs, 28 VDC GPUs or combinations.A DC (Direct Current) GPU is usually ranges from 12 to 24V system and is used for general aircraft, smaller jets and turboprop airplanes.

An AC (Alternating Current) GPU is more similar to the type of electricity that powers buildings and residence. The electrical system usually runs in the 400Hz range and is more oriented towards larger aircrafts and airline planes.

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