Frequently Asked Questions


What Type of Ups Is Do I need?


This is the most basic level of UPS. If there is any problem with the electricity (surge, sag, spike, blackout or brown out) the UPS will automatically switch to battery power. This has a 6-10 millisecond switch over time.


This is a secondary level that is better suited for protecting higher end equipment. This level of UPS has Automatic Voltage Regulation (commonly referred to in the Industry as AVR). This UPS is designed to regulate surges, spikes, and sags in utility power to keep it at is correct voltage all before going to battery. Additionally, this saves on battery life. There is a 6-10 millisecond switch over time.


This is the top level of UPS on the market today, should the equipment you are looking to protect be “Mission Critical.” This UPS is designed to condition the power coming into equipment and includes 3-phase UPS systems. Utility electricity often comes into a facility in a distorted state due to electrical noise. Online UPSs are constantly filtering out these problems, and will provide pure sine wave, undistorted electricity as it flows into your equipment. There is no switch over time.

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