Luxury Villa

Communication Base Station

Nomadic Farm

Residential Electricity


Safe And Reliable
Better PV utilization, Higher battery efficiency, Faster charging, and can meet the strict local installation and grid requirements; Built-in insulation check and arc checking functions.

VPP Ready
Compatible with VPP function.VPP connects many DERs to form an energy network. It allows bi-directional power flow between utility, commercial as well as residential end users.

Easy Installation
All in One Plug and play design ,free from on-site wiring reduce installation time. Easy battery capacity expansion. Light weight module is less than 50 kg can be handled and Installed by single person in last and half an hour.

UPS Back Up
UPS function for off grid or emergency power. Stores your solar energy for backup power, so when the grid goes down your power stays on.

7/24 Monitoring
All systems can be monitored by Web and iOS/Android APP User friendly operation interface, support multi-language switching.

10000 Cycles
With safest battery chemistry Longer battery life Higher Energy Density.


Our All in One single phase
hybrid Inverter + battery
storage solution

3kW – 5kW Solar Inverter / 5.1~20KWH Battery Storage

Key Features

All-in-One Modular design.
Single person can carry and install it.
Plug and play quick installation.
Space saving; 0.15 sq. m foot print
10000 Cycles Longlife Span LFP Battery
Physical and electrical dual isolation
IP65 outdoor installation
Real time control of energy comnsumption.
Global cloud plaform & Mobile APP.
 Open API, support power internet applications.

Quick & Easy Installation

To install PowerAll is Super Easy

PowerAll ESS can be carried out by a single user and installed quickly with with basic tools in 2 hours. See installation video that we prepared to make it easy for installers.


Solarman Smart Energy Management System

  You can monitor your EnSmart PowerAll ESS system , control generation and energy consumption of your home in real time.
  With full-on visual experience user-friendly data display and all-round monitoring functions, Solarman Smart makes smart energy management easier for everyone.
  Thanks to instant alerts and access to distance, you can control your plant wherever you are.

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