Frequency Converters

Frequency Converters

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Frequency Converters

In the early 1900’s, the electric power grids standardized on 50Hz and 60Hz AC power.Countries have different standard for power grid frequency and voltages. Many countries operate on 60Hz while others operate on 50 Hz. To plug small consumer electronic equipments into the wrong power source it run the risk of damaging equipments and or harming users. Also larger industrial 3 phase equipments can not operate on the incorrect frequency as it will cause damage on the equipment. When 50 Hz equipment is incorrectly connected to 60 Hz power, it will not function according to its design parameters.  This will certainly damage the equipment immediately or eventually will lead to fail due to overheating.

Today due to ever increasing globalization and global trade business owners constantly seek more efficient ways to invest and to procure the necessary equipments for their business from different markets. And manufacturers produce for foreign markets need to test their products at the frequency of their targeted foreign countries. This raises the need for Frequency Converters to convert the local grid 's frequency to the required power specifications for the equipments of consumers.

Frequency Converter is an electronically (double conversion solid-state static converter ) or electro-mechanically (rotary converter) controlled power conversion device which converts alternating current (AC) of some frequency to alternating current of another frequency. (50Hz or 60Hz or 400Hz ) Frequency converters are also used to control the speed and the torque of AC motors.

Static Frequency Converters with double conversion technology  employ a rectifier to produce direct current and then the DC is inverted back to AC by inverter - with thyristor or IGBT technology- to produce AC of the another frequency. 

EnSmart Power Static Frequency converters are available in many power handling capacity from 10kVA up to 1000kVA as well as different frequency ranges 50Hz to 60hz , 60hz to 50hz and 400hz  for different frequency requirements of specific industries such as marine , defense, railway. Aviation and military applications require 400Hz as aircrafts use 400HZ power. Shipyards , ports and docks of boat, yacht and vessels require frequency converters for shore power connection. The electric power systems of the ships, vessels designed and built in the countries with 50hz can operate only on 50hz.  Therefore,  maritime industry and marine transportation need frequency converters to adapt the power.   EnSmart Power has wide range of IGBT rectifier technology high efficiency Frequency Converters in Modular or Stand-Alone design for wide range of applications. See our frequency conversion solutions below:

10 - 1000 kVA
Board Side Shore Power Converter Fully Compatible With Worldwide Marine Power Sources.

10 - 1000 kVA
Static Frequency Converter 50 Hz to 60 Hz.

Up to 8MW
Plug-in-Play Containerized IP65 Shore Power for ports and ships.

10 - 800 kVA
Reliable 400hz Operation For Airports, Aircraft Vessels.

100kVA - 4MVA
Modular SFC with independent rectifier and inverter modules.
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