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What is an UPS?

UnInterruptible Power Supply (UPS) is an electrical equipment that provides emergency power to a load when the main input power source fails.

What are the advantages of an UPS?

Computer jobs don't stop because the power fails. Users not inconvenienced by computer shutting down.

What are the main functions of an UPS?

A UPS traditionally can perform the following functions: Absorb relatively small power surges.

What is an Off-line UPS?

Offline UPS is also called as Standby UPS system as the inverter is in standby mode until the mains power supply fails.They are not expensive and recommended for home offices.

What is a Line-Interactive Ups?

The line-interactive UPS is similar to a off-line UPS, but with the addition of a multi-tap variable-voltage autotransformer.

What is an On-line Ups?

The online UPS is ideal for the applications where electrical isolation is necessary and for the electronic equipments which are sensitive to power fluctuations.

What Type of Ups Is Do I need?

Standby: This is the most basic level of UPS. If there is any problem with the electricity (surge, sag, spike, blackout or brown out) the UPS will automatically switch to battery power.

What Is Your Power Requirement?

One of the most important things that you must know before buying a UPS is your “power requirement”.

How Can You Estimate Your Power Requirement?

You can estimate your UPS capacity requirement by totaling the wattage requirements of all the equipment you plan to connect to the UPS system.

How Much Back Up Time Do You Need When Power Goes Out?

The backup time is proportional to the load that is connected to the UPS. The more the load, the less the backup time.

What is a frequency converter?

A frequency converter is an electronic controlled power conversion device which can convert power from one distribution standard to another.

What is the purpose of shore power?

The environmental footprint of port areas is under close observation. Governments, port authorities and ship owners are seeking different solutions to reduce emissions from ships while they are engaged in port operations.

What is a Shore-to-Ship Power Supply?

Many of the port and marina operators are now offering vessels the opportunity to “plug into” the local city power supply grid on the dockside so the vessel can turn off its engines while at port.

What is the benefits of Shore Power Converter for Dockside Applications (Shore to Ship)?

Connection to any worldwide shore supply Eliminating all ship engine emissions in the ports Full galvanic isolation from shore

What is a Voltage Stabilizer?

A Voltage Stabilizer - It is also called as automatic voltage regulator (AVR) is an electrical device which is used to deliver a constant voltage output

What are the types of Voltage Stabilizers?

The inigitial Voltage Stabilizers came in the market were manually operated/ selector switch operated.

What are the advantages of a Static Voltage Stabilizer?

They are very compact in size. They have extremely fast response to the voltage fluctuation.

Why Do We Need Voltage Stabilizers?

All electrical/electronic devices are designed and manufactured to operate at maximum efficiency with a typical voltage supply which is known as the nominal operating voltage.

How to Select a Voltage Stabilizers?

While selecting voltage stabilizer there are many factors to pay attention so that we can choose right type and right size.

What is the Role of a Galvanic Isolation Transformer in UPS?

A galvanic isolation transformer is combined with a UPS system to separate the powered source from the primary input power source while transferring alternating current.

What is a 400 Hz frequency converter?

400 Hz is a type of frequency within AC electrical power, which is the standard for weapon systems, aerospace and aircraft industries across the world.

Why Aircrafts use 400 Hz?

The worldwide standard for aerospace and aviation is 400hz. Using 400hz in the airports all around the world is a global standard.

What are Ground Power Unit types?

A Ground Power Unit (GPU) is a ground support equipment (GSE) power supply equipment that provides clean power for both maintenance and engine starting aircraft while they are parked on the hangar or runaway.

How to Download and Install UPSilon 2000 Software to monitor SmartPack Online UPS?

UPSilon 2000 is a software that allows you to monitor and manage your SmartPack RT and Tower uninterruptible power supply (UPS) locally via serial or USB port. It also provides auto-shutdown and auto-save features to protect your data and equipment f

How to Download and Install Muser 4000 Software to monitor Compact Online UPS?

Muser 4000 is a software that allows you to monitor and manage your Compact Series 3 phase uninterruptible power supply (UPS) locally via serial or USB port. It also provides auto-shutdown and auto-save features to protect your data and equipment fro

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